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Important links around the web for truth, health and freedom.

These are’s list of important links that may support truth, health and freedom across the net for all of mankind. Please note we are non-profit, we don’t get paid commissions for any referrals listed here.


Genesis II provides information regarding MMS and its potential in curing diseases. We don’t claim or advocate product use for health, but we do encourage people to do their own research and look at the full story behind MMS beyond mainstream media and make up their own minds. ‘MMS Recovery Guidebook’ by Jim Humble is a good starting point.
International Tribunal for Natural Justice
This link is regarded as essentially important by for the freedom of mankind.
Steps to spiritual awakening, how your mind influences reality, deja vu and synchronicities, alien agendas and disinformation, nonlinear nature of time, hyperdimensional entities,The Matrix and its agents, Earth as an energy farm, probable cataclysmic futures, scalar physics and orgone energy. Read more at