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Do you resonate with us?

Share your own articles, submissions, recipes and help to inspire
others through and Expose Magazine.

Plant based and vegetarian recipes – got recipes to share?
Email us with your recipe along with your name and any images you would like to add.

Research articles?
Topics related to what sbl is all about: the quest for truth in health and wellbeing, fitness, spirituality etc. or any other interesting topic.

Your real-life story 
Tell us your real-life story and help, inspire and empower others through it.

Would you like to model for the
next edition of Expose Magazine?

Are you a natural woman? We are looking for models to photograph for the cover of our next edition of Expose Magazine as part of The Natural Woman section.**

Art, craft and hobby topics and how to’s

We love art’s crafts and hobbies. Contribute with articles, or how to’s. From painting, soap-making, sewing to gardening.

Connect with like-minded people

Keep visiting as we are constantly updating ways to expand and connect with like-minded people.

When sending through to us, your own clear images (up to 3mb, resolution minimum 72dpi) relating to your submitted topic are very useful.
Also, please provide your name and tell us if you would like to remain anonymous. 
Please note that submissions are published by subject to the approval of for the website and Expose Magazine. We cannot guarantee your submission will be published. 

** Please note modelling applies to models we can photograph in person at our location on the Queensland Coast, Australia. 
Expressions of interest at this stage, contact us for more information.

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