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Guilt-Free and Sugar-Free: Homemade Xylitol Mints Recipe

Homemade Xylitol Mints Recipe
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Want to create your own guilt-free and sugar-free mints at home that are also a guardian for your smile?

They’re easy to make and only require 2 ingredients. They take 15 minutes to make and 24 hours to set. Then enjoy knowing you are protecting your smile and possibly reversing cavities. Carry them with you in a sealed container or zip lock bag.

Look no further than this xylitol home-made mint recipe. So, grab your apron, and let’s get minty! And remember, every mint you make is a smile you create! ????✨

Note: While xylitol is tooth-friendly, it’s not pet-friendly. Xylitol is toxic to pets so keep these mints away from your furry friends.

If you would like to know more about xylitol, read Is Xylitol the panacea of total mouth care?

Good luck and I hope you have fun making them.

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