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How to deal with human snakes

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Most people would know what snakes are – cold blooded reptiles that sliver along the ground, or climb into trees, or found hidden or camouflaged in the most unexpected places.  Many species of snakes can severely injure you or kill you. What protects the snake? Fear and ignorance. So, you avoid snakes like the plaque, but the snake lives and flourishes whilst you duck for cover.

Does this remind you of some human ‘snakes’ out there found in all walks of life?

Traits of a human ‘snake’; narcissism, sociopath, psychopath, egotism, opinionated, authoritative, exclusively knowledgeable, profit driven, vanity – and the list of negative appropriate adjectives seem endless.

Human ‘snakes’ tend to control people through fear and ignorance and tend to be profit or power motivated, sounds like Satan’s helpers (and effectively they are).

Satan inspired human ‘snakes’ think they have the right to intrude on your inalienable rights of freedom and creation by imposing their will upon you until you become subservient slaves unto them.

How much of your life is spent doing what you blissfully want to do? Do you feel forced into serving the ‘snakes’ agenda?

Most people do not live their lives according to their inalienable rights of bliss but live their life to serve the bliss of corporate agendas, political agendas and authoritative agendas. You feel forced into complying with effectively under duress as you fear the consequence of non-compliance and conformity.

Simply said, most people live their lives obeying someone else’s profit/power agenda instead of living their dreams.

Anyone that tries to control you without your fully informed consent and your true freedom of choice is undoubtedly a vile satanically worshipping human ‘snake’.

Where do you find these ‘snakes’? Could it be in your workplace, could it be members of your own family, could it be in the church (if you go to one), could it be doctors, lawyers, politicians, corporate leaders?

Where are these ‘snakes’? Everywhere and anywhere.

Some ‘snakes’ take on the most royal status, religious status, political status and effectively control the world. They could be the lower slave ‘snakes’ seeking dominance through their opinions based on egotism, trying to be important at your expense.

Wherever you find the ‘snakes’, they do love your fearful attention, they thrive on your ignorance. Now let’s begin to be solution orientated and deal with these scourges, who steal from your blissful experience, bit by bit until you wake up one morning jump up and down for joy and exclaim with jubilation “The ‘snakes’ are no more!”.

‘Snakes’ love protest, they love argument, they love bad news, they love gossip, they love feeling important – especially when you are fearful or ignorant; so why give them what they crave?

Expose the polluted ‘snake’ pits but do so blissfully as the very exposure is enough to weaken the ‘snake’s’ venom.

Go in the direction of your chosen life not theirs, live your dreams, pursue your goals and never again let a ‘snake’ ensnare your soul into a desperation you can’t escape.

You see ‘snakes’ can’t stand happy, emotionally in control people that are goal orientated because they lose the power of fear and ignorance over you.

When you live your life then you are no longer ignorant, you are in your head space, your zone, your world and who knows you better than you? Nobody! Now the ‘snake’ is in fear and ignorance of you!

Your health, your happiness, your joy leads you to an exceptional place called critical thinking and with such critical thinking you can smell bulls*** from a mile away. This empowers you in more ways than you can imagine.

‘Snakes’ hate critical thinkers and critical thinkers know what one plus one equals and ‘snakes’ simply don’t add up to bliss.

There are so many unfair laws, so much injustice, so much crime disguised as corporation, religions or government and critical thinking exposes the lot of it bit by bit.

It’s your world not theirs so live your life blissfully and allow others to live life blissfully too.

Bliss doesn’t contain crime because no one can be blissful whilst witnessing suffering of any kind.

Step into the light, your light of truth that inevitably becomes wisdom and wisdom always sees the beauty in all things and eliminates the stagnate ‘snake’ pits of hell from one’s environmental consciousness forever.

Resonate with us

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