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Just being me…

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No one can be me no matter how hard they try, and I can’t be anyone else.

When I try to be someone else’s idea of me, I lose “me”.

So there is no one better than I because they can’t be me, and I can’t be better than others because I can’t do them.

The highest qualification any person can have is to be themselves – but truly themselves.

All experiences I have in life must go through me, not another.

Yet I see, in life, people trying to fit into a mould made by others and which is not them.

This is when people become sheep, following others instead of leading their own lives.

When people become sheep then the sheep must trust their leaders, but I ask, why?

We can only ever truly trust ourselves as we are the ones who process experiences, not others.

Right now, as I write this, I am just being me; drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes that I so need to give up urgently! It’s not the best version of me as I am still an evolving soul, but I am evolving as me and not another.

I don’t fit into society’s mould because I’m individual and unique, but I’m not anything that raises me above another as each person has their destiny controlled by free will – but only if one knows one has free will to be themselves.

Sometimes I like me, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I’m vain and bitter, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes angry, sometimes… don’t go there…

But it’s ok, I’m evolving, I’m learning, I’m adapting and conquering my ignorance.

I’m nothing special, but I’m special to me and isn’t that all that matters?

When I see that “special” in me, then I can see that special in others.

I’ve made too many mistakes in my life, but they are my mistakes. I’m learning to take one hundred per cent responsibility, even if my mistakes were born of the influences and coercions of this world – they are still my mistakes, as I have to process them through my experiences of how my mind perceives life to be.

There is so much power in being truly me and this power, this personal power, is evolving.

When every mistake is my mistake, I can fix it, correct it, change it.

Perhaps this world as a whole should evolve from its mistakes by allowing the individual to learn, thrive and share, and just be themselves.

Just being me is a powerful place to be, if it is truly understood.

If it is truly understood…

And when this understanding is fully and humbly recognised, one becomes:

The Lord of their own life.

Resonate with us

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