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Living in the Present Moment

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People who are successful and happy tend to live their lives in a state of contentment most of the time. They don’t take life too seriously and enjoy themselves in the present moment. They also tend to have fun and spread joy to others, much like a child who is fascinated by the world around them.

But why is it difficult for some to achieve this ideal?

It’s all too common for many of us to live in sadness, misery, anxiety, fear or loneliness as we remember some form of trauma or unhappy even from the past. Reliving these traumatic experiences in our mind over and over again is just like reliving the event for real. It puts us back into the trauma as we remember how it made us feel. Projecting worry into the future because of these past events is also destroying our quality of life and also creating an undesirable future.

It’s understandable that trauma can be difficult to overcome, especially when it’s a recent event and when we feel those negative emotions associated with it. Losing a loved one, emotional or physical abuse, broken relationships, serious accidents or illness for example. These events can make one feel broken, shattered even. But it’s okay to express these emotions and actually it’s very necessary. It’s important to speak to someone that supports you to help and clear these issues. Bottling things up only makes things worse.

The problem lies when it sticks with us, when it repeats itself and rotates in our minds over and over again for years and we just can’t let it go.

Many times, people walk around still feeling bitter, unhappy, depressed and generally traumatized from events that happened years ago. But the problem with living and feeling these negative emotions is that it keeps creating the same circumstances in our lives over and over again, because of the way our mind and reality creation are linked. Life never will get better if we walk around living in the negative feelings of the past. This way of thinking will also create a predicable future outcome of the same kind.

Our thoughts and feelings form the foundation of the experiences we create in our lives, according to the teachings of the new thought movement and the discoveries of quantum physics. This means that what we think and feel on a continual basis can shape our reality. We also create our future from the present moment. So, we create what happens to us, both the good and the bad. We are in the driver’s seat so to speak.

So, what is the point of crashing your ‘car’ against a tree? We do this when we continually think negative thoughts, play over the negative past in our minds and then project this energy into the future. Our quality of life will suffer if we keep focusing our energy the wrong way.

With meditation (focused direction in the positive), visualization techniques, support and determination, we can change the way we think and feel to create a better and brighter future. Appreciating the moment and leaving the negative emotions from the past where they belong, will begin to create a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Shouldn’t life be all about being happy and having fun after all…

Resonate with us

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