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The ponderings of life

Resonate with us

In the very beginning…

We were all born into unique circumstances, our family, our parents, our culture. We learned to walk, to talk, to interact with others. We all went through childhood; whether it was going to school, playing with childhood friends or growing up with siblings. Immersed in our experience; every breath, every step, every tear, every smile, every moment of joy. The impact childhood plays on our lives is immense.

The emotions we felt as we interacted with our world. Times of pain and sorrow, but also happiness and joy. We remember what it was like to be a child, the expectancy and the excitement of little things, like Dad buying us our favorite chocolate bar at the shop or maybe sitting on Santa’s knee and asking him if we could get that new skateboard for Christmas. Even something as ritualistic as Mum brushing our hair. The comfort of home and familiarity is something that is never forgotten as we grow into adulthood.

Then we grow up …

Life’s ups and downs, life’s joys and struggles. For some of us, we become parents. We have our own family and we experience what it is like to have the responsibility of raising our own children, especially challenging in these uncertain and sometimes crazy times.

We strive to provide our children with those magical moments that they too will remember and cherish as adults. We want our children to not only survive, but to thrive in whatever they choose to be or do in life. We want our children to live their dreams, to be successful in whatever their choosing.

As children we marvel at life, we are in awe of God’s creation. There is magic in just being, we don’t question things too much, we are just happy being in the moment. When we grow up, life usually gets so busy that we forget to live in the magic of the moment, as we did when we were children. As adults, however, we may begin to question life at a deeper level. We see mortality, and the reality of life and death. This realization awakens us to the spiritual aspect of life.

The ponderings of life

We may question life, our emotions, and our purpose for being …

What is the meaning of this life?
Are all of our experiences random?
Why do we experience an array of contrasting emotions? From grief, sorrow and sadness to the complete opposite end of the scale – moments of joy, happiness and laughter?
Why are we here, experiencing what we experience in this very moment?
Why are we human beings experiencing what we experience on this so-called planet Earth?

Then we may continue on to question …

Where did I come from?
Where am I going in the future?
Will I still have a consciousness when I die?
What experiences will I be having then?

I believe these questions are a normal part of our evolution…

What is life?

The biggest challenges we face in this life are dealing with and overcoming trauma, depression, sadness, loneliness, grief, illness and hardship of any kind. When dealt with the right way, with support, we can use these experiences to build our strength and resilience, to grow stronger spiritually and mentally.

Life is an incredible journey, everything we have experienced and everything we do experience is not random, aimless or useless. We have a very important role to play in this ‘game’ of life – primarily it is to have fun! To enjoy and appreciate every precious moment we have on this planet and share this with others.

All life experiences are important, especially the most joyous of ones. When we are in joy, love and happiness, we are aligning with the vibrational energy of The Divine (God), which is all encompassing unconditional love. When we become more and more in charge of the way we think and feel, we begin to thrive. We create favorable circumstances for our present moment and our future. We have a destiny to fulfill, but only we can do it, and with God’s backing of course!

The magic and wonder of a child and the spiritual ponderings of a grown up. How amazing life is, how incredible God is!

Resonate with us

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