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They talk funny

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Some people have a very weird way of speaking.

It’s as if they are talking down to you, as if you are lesser than them somehow. You know the type: the authoritative voice, the ‘I know better than’ voice, the ‘I’m all that and more’ voice.

You get this a lot with government departments, school systems, corporate hierarchy, police departments, council offices, news readers and so forth.

They seem to be hiding something, they’re defensive somehow and need to prove themselves by having this fearful, uncertain, authoritative voice to manipulate you into fearful compliance and respect of their mumbo jumbo.

They do seem to have a mental problem because humans are meant to communicate to humans in a sharing, compassionate way, not in a business-like way as if they are the ordained master and you their slave.

The way I see it, everybody at least owns themselves and deserves respect and if you treat another person as less than yourself then you are taking over God’s role here.

No one is better than the next person provided they don’t violate another under natural law, so let’s please talk with humanity and not fear.

I kind of feel sorry for these people who can’t speak properly, and I often wonder what made them so insecure about themselves that they feel important when they violate the happiness of others.

So for all those who talk down to people and think that they are better than others, strongly look at the man in the mirror; what you give out does come back immediately, or eventually; this is called karma and it is very real.

This type of talk is the talk of a narcissist. If you talk like a narcissist, are you seriously proud of yourself? Do you like who you are? Do you really feel important?

If you are the narcissist, get off yourself; we see through you and you do talk funny. Seek help from someone who’s truthful with you; you will not like what you hear.

Isn’t it nice when we meet humble people who love themselves and care about others, who speak in sharing, truthful ways? That’s nice; I think we all love that!

My goal is to be a nicer person and be someone better. I still have work to do, but at least I know to be nice and make to that an aim in life. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if everyone tries to be a better version of themselves daily?

The world has examples of really beautiful people with great empathy and an unconditional love for humanity; I hope one day to be that example.

I try not to talk funny – if I do, kick me where the sun don’t shine!

Let’s commune with humanity, and not separate humanity with that “funny voice”.

Definition of that “funny voice”: condescending, patronising, forcibly official, you get the picture.

Resonate with us

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