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Call To Action, NOW!

Resonate with us

We are calling everyone into action urgently, immediately, and NOW!

Your personal leadership, your personal courage, your personal God-honest truth is required Now!

You have a right to be you; this is your personal inalienable right under God, however you perceive this to be.

A group mind or nation is useless if it follows blindly the dictates of any dictator or group of dictators that doesn’t respect the inalienable human rights of any individual.

Now imagine strong individual leaders with personal pride and integrity who are walking, talking and being the truth – now that is a group mind worth respecting!

Corrupt governments, corporations, institutions and so forth are scared of being exposed as corrupt. They spend their entire time controlling people through fear, laws, taxes, ignorance, duress….

Let’s expose the corrupt individuals who make up this thing called authority and replace it with an incorruptible authority – in other words: absolute Truth!

The corrupt governments and so forth are only as powerful as the people recognise them to be.

The individual is the true power, and the individual should recognise this!

The corrupt sheep that follow corrupt governments, let them be sheep. Concentrate your efforts on true leaders – the people with enough courage to be truly themselves.

Everybody to be truly themselves… this is the change the world needs to see.

So get off your butt and be YOU!!! Truly you.

Walk, talk and be the truth, NOW! But you may have to walk around the sleeping, indoctrinated sheep. Yawn… don’t wake them up, please, never wake them up…

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz snooze…

Resonate with us

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