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The law of bliss

Resonate with us

Imagine being bliss. To be bliss, all around you would have to be bliss, everything bliss.

You get this bliss when you walk, talk and be absolute truth, and you see this truth in others.

Bliss is unity and unconditional love.

Bliss comes under natural law or, if you like, the law of cause and effect.

Natural law is true law; what you give out comes back – either love or karma, your choice.

Or you can follow the law of fear…

Fear requires so much control over others that authorities have to make soooooo many laws to stay in control.

Fear is out of control – we all can obviously see that – worldwide and in our own personal experiences.

Use natural law and do choose Bliss.

The bliss to live in your inalienable rights under God, however you perceive this to be, and the bliss just to be yourself.

I like the idea of you and me and everybody being in bliss.

Do you?

If you do, then let’s just be in the Law of Bliss.

Resonate with us

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