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Beautiful guilt

Resonate with us

Do you suffer from guilt? Are you feeling guilty right now? Does guilt own your mind?

Is your life being destroyed by guilt?

Then all we can say is: you indeed are a beautiful person.

Why would we say such a thing? You feel guilty, so what on earth have you done to deserve anyone saying that you are beautiful?

Everyone here at Spiritbeing.Life is sending you love right now, this very second, because people like you, yes you, are indeed very precious.

Let me say this one more time: you are indeed precious.

Thank-you for being you.

Now, perhaps we should explain why we feel that you are indeed a beautiful person.

Only a person who feels true empathy suffers from guilt – only such a person!

Narcissists don’t feel guilt, psychopaths don’t feel guilt, sadists don’t feel guilt, egotists don’t feel guilt, sociopaths don’t feel guilt…

Please, can you feel what we are saying? Real people with a heart feel guilt!

We love you for that!

You are indeed precious.

Whatever you feel you have done to feel guilty about, please hear us, it is not your fault!

Truly, we live in a world of so much evil that it is hard to make right choices in life.

You were born onto this evil planet so trust me when I say that IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!

We love you here, we really do and it is our hope that you can see the real truth of you.

If we could all give you a hug and let you know just how loved you are, especially from the one who loves you most: your own higher self – your connection to the infinite divinity within you.

Please, the whole world makes mistakes, errors, regrets.

We at make mistakes, whoppers sometimes!

Let the guilt pass – you need not serve it any more.

Let it go…

We love you. Your own God, however you perceive it to be, loves you, and the whole world loves you, if they truly knew you.

So much love to you, so many hugs…

Let the hurt go…

Just let it go.

You indeed are just so beautiful.

Photo by Євгеній Симоненко from Pexels

This article appears in the second edition of Expose Magazine

Resonate with us

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