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I love me!

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Loving oneself – what could be more important?


Without loving oneself, how can we truly love another?

Imagine being perfectly at one with self – neither worried about the opinions of others, nor of life’s senseless obligations that are thrust upon you by outsiders; money, negative emotions, religions, politics, and so forth…

I Love Me without any conditions. That would be unconditional love, don’t you think?

So let’s get to that unconditional place.

When you love yourself, you will attract those who love you and you will love them, as there is nothing to separate such love; there are no agendas.

How do we get to such an amazing self-love?

Learn Truth, about who you really are, your place in the world, and how amazing you are within it.

The world has lied to you and has built a philosophy of fear, coercion and separation into you.

Amazing changes can occur for you, if you seek them with all your heart, mind and soul.

Stop at nothing to succeed.

Meet others of like mind, and strengthen your will to be the very best you can be. Imagine others blissfully, being the best they can be, without any agendas.

No one has to do anything on their own. While self-love does require interactions with this world, interact wisely and only with people who see the best version of you.

Constantly learn about yourself in a truthful way and, yes, there will be shadows of fear that will try to stop you but persist, persist, persist.

The world is built from teamwork, and if everyone sees the beauty in each other we can all succeed in arriving at that amazing place of self-love, bliss and unity.

You are not alone, and when you realise this doors will open to the miraculous, they always do…

Self-love means to love all of you, which includes all the blissful people that you are fortunate to meet on life’s journey.

Together we are one in Self-Love.

Photo by HassanOUAJBIR from Pexels

Here at, we are celebrating you!

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