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Celebrating You

Resonate with us

Celebrating you

Take time out to go to that place of wonder about the real you.

The real you suffers no pain, no sorrow, no regret, no obligation, no slavery, no guilt, no sadness, no fear.

We are celebrating the real you.

From that place of real, from that place of truth, from that place of All That Is, is the real you, a child of the infinite.

Throughout life’s struggles and turmoils, there lies in waiting the recognition of the specialness of you.

No one can know better than you, no one can be smarter than you, or wiser than you, and this is the absolute truth because only you can perceive the inner you – only you can. You truly are an individual and let that individual shine!

Every person expresses individuality uniquely, but just as you can’t be another person that other person can’t be you.

When any person or group of people think in any way, shape or form that they are better than you they have lowered themselves in the eyes of All That Is and there is a karma to be paid for such delusional thinking as no one can be better than a child of the infinite.

The best you is happy, is inspirational, is sharing, caring and wise – and guess what? You already have the infinite within you! This is inalienable to every person, this is your birthright.

Let no one take away your birthright by imposing their will upon you via judgements, beliefs, opinions…

You truly are a child of the all wise, all knowing, and all infinite that is:




Truly, when one finds fault with you they have insulted God directly as God’s children are no mistake.

You are no mistake.

Uncover within you the Lord of your Being, and together we will celebrate that! It is precious for all, and what we see in each other is actually what we see in ourselves.

Walk, talk and be your inner truth, and let that shine.

Let’s celebrate that!

This article appears in the second edition of Expose Magazine

Images courtesy of Fernando Brasil on Unsplash


Resonate with us

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