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The True Lord

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Gently, loving, truthfully, with the intent of the Almighty itself I will, with the best of all humility, introduce you to the true Lord.

Speak these two words silently and in awe to self: “I am”.

With these two simple words, “I am”, rests the truth of all that is.

Who, and who alone, can utter those two words from their mouth?

Only you can perceive the world the way you see it, only you can feel the world the way you feel it, only you can make choices in this world the way you make choices.

For all those who utter the words “I am”, understand that the words you utter must come from the ultimate Lord:

The Lord of Self.

What I have just said is the truth and for all those who believe in God, then consider “are you not a child of God?”

Did God not make you Lord of self?

Lord of self is inalienable rights.

This is the basis of all law.

In supreme courts you may see this slogan: “In God We Trust” (which God?).

In supreme courts you may have the Bible to swear your oath upon (which religion?).

What I have divulged so far is a truth so profound, so simple yet so hidden from the masses that it no longer appears a truth, but the truth still is and forever will be, as all truths are eternal.

Nations of people are formed from Lords.

At all times the Lord rules the nation.

This is called the will of the people.

People are lord of their own government.

When the government commits treason and fraud against its own people, then it’s up to the lords to arrest the government.

The government, at all times, must represent the will of the people.

The will of the people is to live happily, to prosper, to be safe, and to evolve into a great nation.

Nations are formed from the importance of every Lord.

I, as the Lord of self, stand for truth, justice and fairness for all, worldwide.

What do you, as the Lord, wish for your world?

When great Lords meet with humble ideas of love and wisdom, then great nations are born.

“I Am”

God gave you this inheritance; please use it wisely.

The governments of this world can, and have, done “the Lord” for us – they have represented us in fraud, deception and coercion, death, suffering, taxes and misery.

Perhaps we should be “The Lord” for ourselves again and appoint only those worthy of our appointments.

The satanic elements must go now.

The true Lord owns one’s self.

So saith the Lord.

Photo by Davide Cantelli on Unsplash

Resonate with us

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