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It stinks to high heaven

corruption stinks corporation
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It stinks to high heaven

The world of politics, wars, councils, authorities, satanic corporate leaders, corporate policing, media, bad Hollywood movies, corrupt religions, taxes, slavery, fiat money, and the list is endless. I don’t have any opinions on these things, not one.

Opinions aren’t facts. Simple me likes facts, so all the above stinks to high heaven!


How do I know it’s a fact?

If I’m not in bliss, or someone else is not in bliss, then something stinks!

Life is meant for fun, laughter, happiness, community, creativity, sharing, caring, and all the beautiful things that follow from these.

So if someone’s stink is trying to invade your bliss then something is very wrong, don’t you think?

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to live life blissfully and see bliss all around you.

Yes there is work to do. So much stink everywhere, worse than baby’s diapers – but, hey, we can clean the stink up, bit by bit, can’t we?

So let’s grab those cleaning detergents, rags, sponges, bins, mops and things and start cleaning until the stink is gone.

Let’s start with the stink in your mind: the worries, stresses, regrets, grief, sadness, guilt, worthlessness, feelings of disempowerment, etc. Let’s clean all that stink.

Yes, I know the stink seems bigger than you are, but imagine a team, a group mind that works together and says, “Enough stink already!”

We want a stink-free planet, so let’s expose the stink and flush it out where it can stink no more.

Anyone who imposes their will upon you without your blissful consent is: STINK!

You have a right to live stink-free, as we all do.

But if you don’t smell the stink, then there is no stink to clean up.

The world has normalised stink.

Let’s you and I and everyone normalise Bliss and Happiness instead.

Why am I still smelling S#%T?

More cleaning to do…

Time passes… Still cleaning…

Resonate with us

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