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Why I Never Vote

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Seven wolves and three lambs get to vote on what’s on for dinner tonight.

Seven narcissists and three humble people vote on war with another nation.

Seven opinionated people and three knowledgeable people vote on local policy.

Seven white supremacists and three Africans vote on slavery.

Seven ignorant people and three wise people vote on taxes.

Voting is forced agreement for the minority.

Billions of people vote on Government, and then there are those who:


Where there is one hundred percent agreement, there is no need to vote.

I have a family. I love my family. I don’t vote for my family, or wave corporate flags for my family:


Where there is one hundred percent agreement, there are no wars, divisions or governments.

Simple, isn’t it?

So, let’s imagine the whole world is one big happy family. For that to happen, something must be recognised…

We are all children of the universe; every one is equal in the eyes of the universe. We are all brothers and sisters with inherent inalienable rights.

Sound like an impossible dream?

Do we all still need evil corporations, or “mummy’s skirt”?

Never vote for that which you do not understand, and if you understand that voting is a competition with winners and losers, why would you want to vote?

How about one hundred percent winning?

Let’s imagine there is a God. Does God vote?

Let’s imagine God is within you, the only place you can find it. What would that God tell you to do?

Do you imagine that God acts on your imaginings?

Maybe, just maybe, if we imagined happiness for ourselves and others, and respecting each others’ inalienable rights, maybe the evil called voting returns to the satanic place it came from.

The right to live in peace, harmony, and creativity for one and for all does not need a vote; it needs to live in you and me.

Your world is in your imagination and the perceptions thereof.

Violate no one. Voting definitely violates in more ways than I can say in this short article, suffice to say:

Seek one hundred percent agreement in your mind first, create no opposition and allow those to gravitate towards you who agree with you. This is community, and such a community evolves; it is never voted upon.

I love my family. Let’s make the world a family.

Oh, and one more thing: Don’t Vote!!!

Resonate with us

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