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Just making soap

Resonate with us

By Kai –

My dear life long friend and mother of my two absolutely gorgeous children has decided to make soap.

Handmade soap that is being researched and developed ad infinitum, there is a love in what she is doing, she is determined to make the best soap.

So no artificial ingredients that can cause harm, made with various oils and lyes, essences and so forth.

How would the divine make soap? Perhaps with love and truth.

So there are no chemicals that can harm, no bar codes that feel corporate, just simple soap made with the best materials including perhaps colloidal silver, activated charcoal perhaps, whatever her recipes call for.

The supermarket shelves may never stock her soap and I’ve never seen any similar; I guess it’s a boutique soap and homemade, all natural soaps are not in high demand.

The world’s best soaps are made from love and truth, not so easy to find.

How about every other product and service out there, should they not also be researched and developed in the spirit of love and truth to share absolute quality with humanity?

Imagine if everything you bought and sold was at the zenith of quality, love and truth. Imagine our world then; would something change, would corporations shrink in favor of the divine sharing of love and truth and absolute quality?

Is your life not worth the best?

How about you being handmade by the divine, loving and truthful and experiencing heaven on earth?

My dear friend Helen is making soap and spreads joy with her enthusiasm, vibrancy and love.

If all we do is to the best we can do it and love every minute of doing it, would you feel like putting a bar-code on it, taxes on it, profit margins on it? Or would you feel happy?

All natural love and truth with no added ingredients, no taxes, no profits, no bar codes.

Imagine a world where everyone truly was being their all natural selves not guided by fears, worries, obligations, or stresses but by a world of calm, peace, and tranquillity, and how can such a world be?

You are a product of the divine, all natural and made with love and truth. Live that way with the knowledge of your being, share your true self.

So let’s make soap or whatever else your heart desires…

Resonate with us

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