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Hello, my name is Kai.

Resonate with us

My name is Kai, it’s a name given to me by life long, eternal friends; it isn’t my birth name – that name died with the sadness of not knowing the truth of the Divine, the truth of love, the truth of family.

I have lived a life filled with errors. mistakes, lack of knowledge and wisdom, a life that was rudderless in the never-ending turbulent oceans of despair.

At times I wanted to die, you see love wishes to live, it has to, it grows and expands, shares and flourishes and becomes the very reflection of God itself and without love there are only distractions, sickness, dying and finally death.

I have made so many mistakes, hurt so many people along the way, lived a life of so many errors and missed opportunities, yet all that is wrong about me created desperation and that desperation led me to a simple truth: that God itself is within me and within all.

I could live in regrets and sorrows, sadness and despair but all of this does not make the world a better place, it never will.

To be human is to suffer, there is no other way, yet to be a child of the divine itself is not to be human but to be the divine sharing a human experience.

Who I am and what I am as separate to you is irrelevant, it means nothing, all the labels, the stories, the failures, the achievements mean nothing… absolutely nothing, and a hundred years from now does my importance or lack of importance matter?

The only thing that matters is the truth. The divine absolute truth:

That who we are and what we are matters and who we are and what we are is absolutely the very children of the divine itself, of God itself, of the Absolute itself; this is eternal life and eternal life comes from absolute love and only God itself can love absolutely.

All the politics, all the religions. All the achievements and all the failures. All of the injustice, all the sins and triumphs, all the sorrows, all the pains, the agonies, all the healings, all of the wealth and poverty, all of the man-made laws of this world mean nothing… absolutely nothing, until there is this realisation that all the world is a child of the divine.

We are all brothers and sisters learning wisdom, for that which comes from the divine returns to the divine and the divine is ultimate wisdom, ultimate love.

And I, Kai, have absolutely no value if I think for one single split second that I’m better than any of God’s creation.

Together we are one; as God itself is indivisible.

My name is Kai, it is a name given to me by life long, eternal friends.

Who are these friends?

Children of the almighty itself.

As we all are.

Resonate with us

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