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My beautiful family

My beautiful family
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Well, hello you.

Welcome to your day.

I want to tell you about my family and how excellent it is. Even though I’m just a humble author, I live with a family that raises me to the level of love.

I love my family, every member of it, and I love it ever so completely. This is so easy to do.

Why do I love my family so much? My family is me and I am them, and together we are united in truth and unconditional love.

There are children, there are adults, there are dogs, and sometimes there are kookaburras, too, making us feel welcome – but only if we feed them!

I live in a home of love and that makes me so happy and it feels safe; it feels like, ‘Wow!’

How is it possible for me to have so much real and unconditional love?

Simple, really. You see, my family, every member of it, comes from the same place I did, and that place?

God itself.

My family is asleep right now; it’s about 5 am, my internet doesn’t work for now and I can’t do much research except for the stored files I have on my computer, yet my thoughts are with family.

I’ve had more coffees than I should be drinking and way too many cigarettes, yet even with my vices I live in a happiness I can’t describe…

I have this song in my head right now: Try a Little Kindness. It’s beautifully sung by Glen Campbell, and this song is the way my family makes me feel daily.

Now if only I could play guitar like Glen Campbell. Maybe I will one day, perhaps several lifetimes from now! I love guitars. One day, some day I will be able to play the guitar like a God, but for now I am a wannabe musician who is better at air guitar than the real thing!

How does someone get so much love in their life and feel the happiness I feel?

Basically, by riding through the hell of life. It is no easy journey, but ride it through.

Everyone is hurt some place, somewhere; ride through the hurt, and it’s tough, real tough.

You see, my family’s hurt is my hurt and my hurt is theirs; ride through it.

We as a family rode through our collective hell and we are still riding through life’s torments, turmoil and unfairness of it all.

Love conquers all.

We all fall short sometimes – well, often – but it’s hard to be your best in a world borne of mankind’s collective fears, yet strive to be your best and strive to see the best in others, especially your family, your friends and your loved ones, including your pets as they are family, too.

I love my family. I have earned that right and the privilege to do so.

I have listened to their hurt, their pain, their sorrow, their tears, their anguish, their despair; I have truly listened…

But, mostly, I sought answers, the best answers I could find. Always seeking answers.

When you love so deeply, so profoundly, so completely, it’s like God speaks through you in such a way that you are empowered to help those you truly love.

I love my family so deeply, I can’t convey it in words.

I hope something I’ve said resonates with some of you in such a way that it touches your lives in a profound and beautiful way.

I love my beautiful family. I have earned the right to.

But most of all, before you can love anyone else, you must love yourself first. Peace be with you.

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Resonate with us

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