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The dog wants pappadams

The dog wants pappadams
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All our dog Chinky wants is pappadams.

So I go to dog and say, “Chink, mate, do you not care about all the world’s issues? Like, we don’t actually have a government owned by the people any more. We don’t have freedom, we don’t have a say? The medical industry is for profit, not for cure. There’s concerns about vaccines. There’s government child abuse too horrendous to speak about. We have been lied to. Chink, mate, are you even listening to me?! But there’s more – way more!”

Dog looks at me with its eyes, and all the eyes say is, “Pappadams, mate, NOW!”

Dog don’t care about my message of getting to the goddamn truth of things. It cares not! All it wants is pappadams!

“Okay dog, obviously you don’t give a rat’s crap ’bouts what I’m a sayin’, do ya?”

Dog eyes pappadams…

Maybe dog is right. Take a chill pill, Kai, and just eat pappadams.

So I eat pappadams. They’re slightly oily, but not too bad. Hey, hold on a sec – did Helen make more for the dog than for me???

“Hey, dat’s not fair, Helen! Why does dat dog, who does nuttin’ for the planet, get more of the pappas than me?”

I’ve got sumthin’ new to whinge abouts now, and that feels good.

Sometimes we need to take a break from satanic crap, get back to ourselves and whinge about slighty oily, not enough pappadams, ‘coz dog gets more than me!

Sometimes, dog knows best.

Eat pappadams!!!


“Helen, I’ve got big eyes like dog, too. Do I get more pappadams?”

“Helen? Helen? HELEN!!!”

No reply, and no more pappadams.

It feels good to whinge about something new.

Have a great day, and eat some pappadams! Byes.

Parts of the image used is composed using the photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

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