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Right or wrong?

right wrong truth
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Something died a long time ago, yet the memory of its death lingers only in the hearts of the wise.

What died?

Well, what replaced this thing that died?

Opinions, judgements, ideas, concepts, religions, politics, wars, hate, love, positive, negative, spiritual, nonspiritual, polarities, man-made invented laws and the list is truly endless…

My right could be your wrong, my opinion can be met with opposition, my truth may not be your truth.

The world is a mess: good cop, bad cop, good politician, bad politician, good priest, bad priest, good corporation, bad corporation, good person, bad person and so forth…

What died that left us with so much mess?

Well, what replaced this thing that died?


Who is right or wrong here?

Confusion, just all confusion.

Well, what replaced this thing that died?

EVIL, pure Evil.

What if, just maybe, we can resurrect something?

What needs resurrecting?

Hint: maybe something like an axiom or perhaps a maxim?

Absolute Truth died, that’s what died.

In absolute truth there can be no opinions, judgements, right or wrongs; truth just is truth.

Absolute truth contains absolute love because it is always the same yesterday, today and tomorrow; it’s eternal.

No one has to believe in God but if you just know in absolute truth, be truth, talk truth, and walk truth, then God will be recognised.

What is God?

Anything that is not false.

We live false lives and false does not recognize truth.

That is why God is so hidden from us.

Where is God?

The only place you can find it…

In you.

Resonate with us

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