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When you win, we win

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When you win, we win!

We just love helping people; it’s fun, it’s rewarding, and it’s the ‘bestest’ feeling!

It would be a great world if everyone just helps one another out, the rewards for everyone would be amazing!

Helping actually means helping, it does not mean charging money, unsolicited advice, opinions or judgements. It means seeing the helped winning without compromises, excuses or agendas.

Most people can’t be helped, it’s the nature of the world we live in, so in effect they are beyond help. Their beliefs, their opinions, their judgements know better than everyone else.

People’s ideas, beliefs, indoctrinations, cultures, and environment got them in trouble in the first place and until they can see this, they’ll want help only under their false ideas or they will reject the help.

If one can lose their false ideas and their false imaginings that are experienced as real events, then one can have more clarity to see the higher truths of what they could be.

The highest mind possible in order to achieve absolute help for another brother or sister on this planet we call Earth is simply the loving Truth.

People are so scared of truth because it exposes them, but unless the false is removed there is no help.

Let’s break out of this jail of the mind:

Grief, sadness, pain, poverty, regret, competition, selfishness, vanity, jealousy, authorities, worthlessness, narcissism, greed and so forth, over to:

The loving Truth.

The truth is you are consciousness, eternal, immortal, experiencing through the vehicle of the human body this thing called earthly life.

But people just don’t know this simple truth and war amongst each other; dog eat dog, competition, hate, malice, fear and so forth.

Humility goes a long way here. We are just human, and no man is better than another; we are all brothers and sisters sharing consciousness and using this consciousness in individual focuses of how we perceive the world to be.

Some people would call this consciousness God, but whatever the label, this truth consciousness is within each and every one of us.

If people experience difficulty in life, it’s because they didn’t know how to use the truth consciousness to their own advantage and the advantage of others.

Life on this planet has its rules; it’s called mother nature, but above mother nature is the supreme consciousness that created it all.

Would you feel powerful if you could access the creator of All That Is?

People are lost as they try to navigate life without the full awareness of who and what they are.

Let’s face it: the world is experiencing supreme idiocy, lies, wars, taxes, sufferings, false gods, false leaders and so forth – ALL FALSE!

It’s our world. The world is in our minds, our hearts, our feelings.

Collectively, our shadow selves will stop truth from ever emerging. The ego’s vanities and opinions are enough to keep this world in severe bondage, until the truth is exposed in each and every one of us.

We would love to help any person but understand that we can only help those souls who understand that they were wrong all along and are dedicated enough to live every moment in humility and dedication to this simple thing called truth.

I am just a humble author, not much to speak of as I’m just human. I make mistakes, I have fears, I have much work to do, I’m no better than anyone else, never can be.

But there is something so much greater than I and it’s the truth. The simple truth is what can set mankind free.

We are not human; we experience human, but we are so much more. We are loving consciousness, and in the light of truth we will understand our own divinity.

Our mission is to wake everyone up to the truth within themselves and lose all the vain imaginings of humanity.

So, lose yourself, your egos, your vanities and your opinions, and gain the knowledge of eternal life within you and those you love.

We are here to help, but one can only lead a horse to water; one cannot make it drink unless the horse humbles itself enough to know it was wrong all along, that it is actually thirsty.

Contact us if you are of like mind and help us create a new world, a world of truth.

Together, we can create a group mind for change on this planet that is seriously needed and has always been needed.

We love to help people. Do you?

As everyone is our brothers and sisters under absolute loving consciousness of our creator, now let’s recognise this simple truth:

We are all one, yet we are individuals under the One.

Express in love, truth, sharing and bliss.

Resonate with us

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