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Teamwork for change

teamwork for change
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Teamwork for change

It takes a team to make a person, and one person to make a team.

You were born in an environment of others, and these others created your personality traits.

Firstly you were born from your mother; you inherited her hopes, dreams, failures and fears, all unspoken at first, then you inherited her world: the people in your mother’s life, the media your mother was exposed to, the influences in her life. Even if your mother left you quite young, her influences are still there.

This environment helped raise you – either to excellence, or to mediocrity.

So, in the beginning, the environment you were exposed to becomes a permanent memory, a part of your subconscious, and rules your destiny, your behaviour, your personality, your fears, your dreams.

In essence, in the beginning of your life you were surrounded by a team of people guiding you away from yourself and into accepting their authority because they knew better than you.

If this team of information coming at you was loving, nurturing, creative and expansive, then you are indeed in a fortunate place but, usually, this team of information that was brought to you by authoritative humans was damaging to your soul, your being, your essence, your bliss.

A team of people whose ideas and information made you what you are today; are you happy about that?

If not, why not?

If you could choose your team of people and the circumstances of the environment at your birth, what would you have chosen?

These people and circumstances represented your first govern-ment; govern is to control, ment means the mind.

So effectively, your subconscious was programmed and is under government or mind control, and this is how you have lead your life thus far without really knowing it; you have believed that it was just your personality, just who you are.

Whilst this is the case and whilst you are suffering then you do not have control of your life, nor can you ever make correct decisions based upon a history of flaws.

Is it time for change, do you think?

How do we make correct decisions, that are not influenced by this mind control?

Start rebuilding your whole self on truths, instead of beliefs.

Human beings are fallible, so why would you accept that the authority that comes from other human beings is not fallible? You would not! An authority can make a mistake, just like we all can. This is so very obvious: we cannot trust any authority that can make a mistake, any mistake.

So, an authority is not the truth – it’s an idea agreed upon by people, and that idea may even be evil.

True freedom means to take one hundred percent responsibility for self, it means to create your own ideas based upon your own truthful essence, and to connect with that which is higher than you within you, rather than listen to the machinations of others.

Not so easy to do, right? We have been conditioned and brain washed since birth to listen to others and not ourselves; this is okay for us as children in a loving environment, but not as adults! We must be presented with truth, the whole truth and absolutely nothing but the truth, otherwise we are not free.

It took a team to make you. Are you free?

Now it’s your turn to create a team, rather than have a team that creates you.

You were wrong all along because you were trained wrong, unless you had an excellent loving environment for the first thirteen years of your life. After thirteen, you established enough of a mindset to begin to make your own loving decisions.

The first Law of Truth:


You were wrong. Accept this fully, otherwise you are ‘right’ and no one can help a person who is right as there is nothing to teach him/her.

Everything is teamwork; choose your team wisely, create your team wisely, be at one with your team.

No one person can do anything meaningful on their own but together, in truth, we can all shine.

If bliss and happiness was the guiding light for all authorities, then what world would we be living in?

Let’s work together and make some changes so that every soul knows that truth is the only thing that will set us free. The truth can only ever be found within you, not in an authority. I am a team leader. So can we all be, but only in truth.

This article appears in the first edition of Expose Magazine

Resonate with us

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