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The journey to radiant health

The journey to radiant health
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Being healthy is one of the most important aspects of living a fulfilling and happy life. Someone in a state of absolute health is glowing, radiant, exuberant and is also in a healthy state of mind. Being healthy means being in top condition, both mentally and physically. Being healthier makes you more beautiful on the outside, too.

It’s unfortunate that in our current times, people are getting sicker, overweight and more and more depressed than ever before, and this is sometimes regardless of age. Even young children are more prone to illness. Why, we must ask? Perhaps with the advancing of the technological age and the increase of electromagnetic pollution, processed foods, toxic body products and heavy metals, chem-trails, fluoride in our water, vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs and hospital and other interventions, this all contributes to the decrease in our health and also our beauty? Do these things also contribute to an increased rate in the ageing process?

Mental, emotional, physical and environmental factors

When people generally talk about health, they usually refer to the state of our bodies – are they clean, and are all organs and bodily systems functioning and doing their job properly?

But it’s not just about the state of the physical body that should be observed, for preceding the physical was a mental and emotional cause that created the circumstances for illness, and which is then reflected in the physical and in our environment.

Just like the German doctor Dr. Hamer discovered – he linked cancer to experiences of negative shock and trauma. He found that these psychic and emotional causes which remain unresolved over long periods of time, cause illness. 1

The way we think, our beliefs about ourselves and about our lives, and our emotional states play a big part in the condition of our bodies. Are there traumas that we have not dealt with?  Do we feel unhappy or unfulfilled? Do we feel depressed about life, lacking ambition and drive? Are we experiencing grief or sadness? A corresponding disease can follow if these issues are left unresolved.

It’s easy to tell that the physical body will follow the mind and the way we feel. Just feel sad or blue and feel the energy drain away from your body; feel uplifted and joyous and watch your energy levels skyrocket.

Also, the world around us and every person on the planet (race mind) will also have an impact on the health of the individual. Fearful world events and the increase in illness in general amongst the population can be a strong negative influence in our lives.

Our environment is a major contributor to the state of our health. What we put into our bodies, what we wear, what we put on our skin, the water we drink, the technology we use… it is easy to accumulate toxins in these times due to corporate influences. All these factors can have an impact on our biology, as our immune system stops working at its fullest capacity and toxins accumulate in the body, clogging up our lymph system, and so we become more prone to disease.

Choosing the people we associate with is very important to our health and wellbeing. Hang around positive people and you have a much better chance of staying healthy and beautiful. Hang around negative people and your energy will also begin to match. Unfortunately, this can sometimes include members of biological family. In a nutshell, if your environment is not conducive for good health, then you will not be in good health. It is like having a rotten apple amongst fresh apples; all will begin to match the state of the rotten apple.

Radiating health naturally, what we can do?

We have looked at some of the reasons for the causes of disease, but how can we get to that place of absolute health and radiance by natural means? How do we get to a state of top mental and physical condition, and is it even possible?

Commonly, when we are sick we lack motivation, we feel depressed and we lack ambition. It is difficult to lift out of this situation. This is where teamwork is vital to motivate and direct to health. With support of likeminded people, it is much easier to get to a state of health in the mind and body.

Here at SBL, these are the questions we ask. We endeavour to achieve a timeless state of wellbeing, health, beauty, and rejuvenation, both for ourselves, our family and all our readers. So, let’s seek answers and find the truth in all things relating to natural health, one article at a time!


Image by Jill Wellington and Amit Kumar from Pixabay 

This article appears in the fourth edition of Expose Magazine

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