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Never Trust Yourself!

Never trust yourself
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What if every decision we make is wrong? What if only some of our decisions are wrong? If we’ve ever gotten it wrong someplace at some time, why should we ever fully trust ourselves?

To trust oneself fully one would have to have a precedent of trust in all things. Have you ever had such a precedent?

If we can’t trust ourselves fully, how can we trust another? We can’t.

So, if we can’t trust ourselves fully or trust others fully, then we are in a quandary, or not…

All is simply explained if understood.

If we have a belief in Good vs Evil then our choices are limited by fear; you would choose the Good but is that Good you chose actually Good?

If Good recognises Evil, can that Good still be Good?

We live in a world of Good vs Evil but in such a world Evil always wins, as to witness Evil tarnishes the Good.

For Good to be Good it can only see Good.

Could the problem be: vanity?

What is vanity? It is to see others and your world separate from you and in this separation lies the seeds of all of mankind’s ills.

Jealousy, envy, guilt, shame, fear, remorse, greed, helplessness, lust, grief, poverty, wars, politicians, religions, media and so forth spring forth from this separation.

We aren’t special enough for all this vanity. There is no competition with others – this only brings pain.

Let’s imagine an Edenic place of no vanity.

Now we can fully trust ourselves as we trust others; isn’t this the realm of the Christ energy within each and every one of us?

The All-pervading Consciousness that has its seed in every man, woman and child, every plant and animal, everything that we can perceive – this is the realm of God within All, within you.

What if God gave you the power to choose your perceptions? Now imagine that you perceive as a God does and see All Things as Good, wouldn’t your life reflect that?

Perhaps instead of trusting how our lives have been programmed since birth, it’s better to trust that infinite power you can call upon. That infinite power is in your decisions of Bliss, or vainly in Fear.

You see, to trust yourself without knowing that God is within your decisions every step of the way is to trust your human self only, and that would be the fall of mankind.

God only saw things as Good. Man was given free will to judge right from wrong, but without recognising God all your decisions will ultimately be wrong.

Evil can’t exist within Good. When we trust that God is Good and resides within our power to call upon it, then all we will see is Good.

We can’t serve two Masters; the Master of Good and the Master of Evil, as Evil will surely win.

Many Qi Gong Masters are able to do seeming miracles, but it is not they who do the miracles; it is the power within God through them that performs the miracle.

This is what is meant by giving thanks to God; it is to recognise that God performs miracles through you but you alone cannot even live or breathe or exist.

Vanity allows for no good decision, but humility within the knowledge of God within self and within all of God’s creations allows for absolute freedom.

Never trust yourself without God, ever! For you will fail.

God is an intelligent consciousness that is beyond the description or full understanding of any man, yet its powers are yours for the asking in Bliss and Humility. Trust in God. We are All sons and daughters of the Divine Itself.

Image by Olle August from Pixabay

This article appears in the fourth edition of Expose Magazine

Resonate with us

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