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The problem with religion

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Everybody has the freedom to choose a religion or not, and this is as it should be.

Live and let live.

Yet every religion immediately and inadvertently separates people – the believers from the non-believers.

Because religion is always about God in one form or another, God being a higher ideal, then one has to wonder: is God religious?

If so, which religion is correct?

Many wars are fought over this.

Is God a God of war?

Wouldn’t this be the domain of Satan, perhaps?

People have their opinions, their ideas, and their beliefs, but could it be that God is the same way? Opinionated, idealistic, and a believer?

Is there an alternative to religion, one that unites us all?

Yes, there is.

It’s called Unconditional Love.

It’s sharing your truth and living in your truth, without imposing it upon others.

It’s about living your being whilst allowing others to also live their being.

We are all children of the universe, no less or no greater than the Divine itself, since the Divine made us Its children. In other words, you are the Lord of Self under God, however you perceive this to be, but not of others. All truths lead to this.

Live in truth, and let all of God’s creations live in truth, too.

The highest you will ever be is when you create life blissfully for all.

Is God religious? If so, then this god would be a god of divisiveness.

Or, is God within you, within me, and within All That Is?

The only place you will find God is not within religion, but within yourself.

Peace be with you and all.

Note: We at are not a religion; we are a community focused upon the revealing, learning and sharing of universal truths. We have no problem with any expression of any religions or institutions, as many are well-meaning and also serve their own divine, spiritual purpose in our world. We do have a problem with anything that forces or imposes their will upon us through fraud, coercion, duress or fear, or that tries to take away our inalienable rights.

In other words we are against “Conditional Love” as that is already corrupt and is no love at all.

Unconditional love however it is expressed is divine, good and wholesome.

What we write about is always from our own views and perspectives and never to be imposed upon another.  We share ideas you can either accept or reject.

Photo by Tim Savage from Pexels

Resonate with us

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