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True friendships

Resonate with us

Empaths are the most beautiful people; they are directly from the God within themselves. They are holy, they are caring, they are sharing, and wish to see the world in happiness and bliss.

Empaths should rule the world. It would be a much better place, a Garden of Eden, but empaths can’t rule the world – it is not in their nature to rule over another. It’s in their nature to share happiness, love and peace.

Empaths were born onto this planet of evil. Evil rules the world as only evil can, it is in its nature to do so. Lies, deceptions, fraud, authorities, religions, opinions, paid-for false science, mainstream media, governments, all these things rule the world and affect the minds of all God’s children. Narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths, authorities, governments and most religions are NOT God’s children; they do not come from God, they are born of evil.

But within all of that, a true empath holds steadfast and loyal to the God within and the God within others.

To rule over another of God’s children is treason against God itself.

Pure empathy is always destroyed through the obedience to an authority which is not God.

Maintain your soul, your empathy, your truth, your wisdom, your integrity, your wholeness, your sainthood by always seeing the God within self and the God within others, who are God’s children.

Empathy has made a mistake. Most empaths seem to do this: we thought we had to be nice to everyone. Don’t be!

Anything that is satanic, anything that wishes to rule over another never, ever deserves our empathy, our love, our attention.

Let’s just be kind to those who are kind or have the seeds of kindness within them. Many people are hurt and do hurtful things, but they still have the seed of God within.

We empaths must expose this truth so that once again we can all be free.

Empaths feel, care and love. They don’t know how to rule over anybody, they just rule with others.

Be a balanced empath and do rule over anything satanic (learn this!). Move your consciousness to eliminate the evil residing within us all, until Satan is no more.

Empathy, the only true friendship there will ever be.

Photo by Burst from Pexels

Resonate with us

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