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Voting for satan

Resonate with us

Welcome to truth; that’s the land of kindness, integrity, empathy and true, unconditional love for this planet and its inhabitants.

Only through true unity can we stand against satanic elements.

But do we vote for this? Absolutely NOT!!! People seem to love criminals and absolutely so. What we concentrate on as a consciousness, we get! Violence, wars, Hollywood horror, presidents, royalty, satanic corporations, governments, gossip magazines, six o’clock news and religions, all designed to create absolute mistrust of one another and fear.

People control people through fear, and society as a whole can’t seem to get enough of it! As a society, us humans are absolutely insane!

We follow like sheep, we complain like sheep and we have opinions like sheep. Sheep are easily led. Guess who’s guiding the sheep? Other narcissistic humans more evil than us! Divide and conquer!

At this time of writing, mistrust of the planet is at an all time high. Let’s stay with social-distancing, shall we?

Who created this fear virus, and for what purpose? Sheep being sheep believe the media and blindly so.

I believe in truth, and truth is always simple as it has no agenda. What we concentrate on we get. Consciousness always comes first! If we concentrate on fearful things, we’ll find evidence for it!

Now you should be scared! Because the evidence has a very real effect!

Isn’t it time we stopped being totally insane?

The authorities that bring you this designed fear are just humans like you and me, albeit just so much more evil.

We can arrest this evil by refusing to consent and participate, and get back in control of the authorities of evil rather than have these satanic elements control us!

Believe as you wish to believe, but I would rather know truth than believe in opinions and hearsay.

The time for your inalienable rights is NOW!!! The time for us to work together as one in absolute truth is NOW!!!

Expose the criminals, arrest the criminals and let’s have governments work for the people rather than own the people!

Enough is enough NOW!!!

Live in Bliss with recognition of our inalienable rights and allow others to do the same. Use critical thinking without bias and see truth. We have been lied to all our life. Wake up now.

Wake up. Be courageous, be authoritative and be a true leader of self.

Own yourself again. Don’t let others own you.

Once again: wake up everybody!

Enough voting for Satan.

Image used for this article is composed using various images:
Photo by from Pexels and Alessio Zaccaria on Unsplash

Resonate with us

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