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You are just so amazing!!!

Resonate with us

Well, hello you.

Let me tell you something about you, if I may.

Do you even have one iota of understanding as to just how incredible you are?

If not, we have work to do!

Firstly and most importantly no one, and I mean no one, can do you!

You are unique, you are an individual, and you are a child of the infinite, so:

Express yourself!

Don’t feel worthy enough? Special enough? Good enough?

Stop living in lies, damn you!

The Infinite made you from itself, that’s how important you are!

You, yes you, were chosen by the highest authority ever! And that is the Divine itself!

So don’t insult the Divine, it knows what it’s doing!

When the Divine made you, it made you to be exactly who you are: You!

There is no authority higher than the Divine, and there is no authority higher than a child of the Divine; you and the Divine are as one! It is the spiritual meeting the physical – the Divine working through you!

The Divine is a party animal; it made you to socialise with. It loves company, it loves you!

So let’s get off the grass and start rock’n and a roll’n through our experience we call life!

The only thing you ever need to do in this thing called life, is to party and be exactly who you are!

Wow, if you could only see yourself the way the Divine sees you, then you would be in absolute AWE of self!

You – yes, you – are just so amazing!

Yes, I know you were raised in a planet filled with lies and fears, but hey! Don’t believe their bullshit!

Be true unto thy own self and party, party, party.

Your partying helps save a miserable sod of a planet and gets smiles on people’s dials.

So let’s rock the house down!

And be your amazing self!!!

Photo modified from original: Harrison Haines from Pexels

Resonate with us

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