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What Are The Best Interior Trees For Your Home?

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19 May 2021

Having a living and thriving tree inside your home can be so many things: a fashion statement, a décor choice, or something that speaks to your unique personality. While it’s fun to have your usual indoor plants like herbs and succulents, there’s something unique about having a whole living tree right in the heart of your home!

There are several benefits that you can enjoy by having a tree inside your home. They add a splash of color, brighten up any room, and work with any style or motif you have. So, what are the best interior trees? Here’s what you need to know if you’re planning to add trees inside your home.

What Factors Do I Need to Consider?

Just like their outdoor counterparts, indoor trees need the right environment to be able to thrive. Here are the five most important factors that you should consider for your indoor trees. Take note that each tree species will have specific needs when it comes to each of these environmental factors. You need to do your research beforehand to know how much of each factor to providing a particular species.

  • Space

There are two ways that an indoor tree can grow: upwards or sideways. You also need to keep the roots of the tree in mind. Typically, indoor trees will grow upwards if you don’t step in and prune the tops. However, if you want a tree with a wide but short orientation, you will need to prune to upward-growing branches and leaves.

  • Sunlight

The amount of sunlight will differ from one species to another. Some plants like a lot of sunlight, which means you need to place it in a well-lit area. Others can thrive with little sunlight, so you need to place it in sunlight around once a week.

  • Soil

Soil is important for two things: water drainage and nutrient capacity. If your plant needs a lot of water, ensure that the soil is loam or clay loam. If your plant does not need a lot of water, sandy soils are better for your plant.

  • Water

The amount and frequency of watering are critical to the health of your plant. Adding too much or too little water, or watering in incorrect intervals, can damage your plant.

  • Temperature

With indoor plants, it’s somewhat easier to control the ambient temperature around the plant. In general, most indoor species are tropical species. This means that you need to provide a warm atmosphere for the plant and protect it from cold drafts coming from outside.

5 Great Trees for Interior Decoration

Now that you know the five factors that you need to consider when choosing the right indoor tree species for you, here are five popular plants that you can choose from:

1. Birds of Paradise

Birds of paradise are large, eye-catching plants perfect for common areas in your home, such as your living room or kitchen. They are so named because of the beautiful and vibrantly-colored flowers that they produce, which resemble birds. However, it can be difficult to get indoor Birds of Paradise to flower because they require high humidity and moisture. That being said, these plants can still thrive happily indoors as long as they are given a lot of sunlight every day.

2. Rubber Tree

Rubber trees are beautiful, medium-sized trees that have gorgeous leaves with dark green and purple hues. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, this is the perfect plant for you! Known to “thrive on neglect,” you only need to water it once a week and place it near a windowsill where it can get bright morning sunlight.

3. Money Tree

If you have a large and sunny living room, the money tree is your best bet (pun intended)! It can grow up to 6 feet tall and has a beautiful umbrella-like shape, making this tree perfect as a decorative piece. It only needs to be watered once every couple of weeks.

4. Dumb Cane

The bright green speckled leaves of the Dumb Cane make for the perfect greeting at your doorway. Since this plant thrives with once a week watering and indirect sunlight, they’ll be quite content with the small amount of sun that peeks through your door every time someone opens it to come in.

5. Calamondin Orange Tree

Yes, you can have a functioning orange tree inside your home! The Calamondin orange tree produces sweet miniature oranges during the summer and spring, and yes, you can eat them. This tree requires weekly watering and bright morning sunlight.


Those examples are merely a small handful of the best interior trees you can choose for your home. For more choices and inspiration, you can check out local nurseries near you. Try chatting with the proprietor to see if they can give you some tips as well!

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