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When no-one listens to you

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It feels lonely, desolate, forlorn when no one listens to you; it’s a sad place to be.

Yet, simply said, if someone has not listened to you then that someone doesn’t care about you; if they cared about you they would truly listen.

We live in a world where people don’t truly listen to each other, they just hear what they want to hear and live in a bubble of confirmation bias.

Why should I listen to you?

Because you are in my world, and because you are in my world you are important, otherwise why else would you be in my world?

There are no accidents in life, we meet those who resonate with us, either good or bad; circumstances are experienced through us and created by same.

I hear what you have to say. I listen to you, and you are sharing something so important you had to speak it, act it, feel it, be it.

Every one in my world is important. I dismiss those who do not listen to me, and I invite those who do.

I make decisions based upon bliss or fear.

If someone doesn’t listen to you, then this is a degree of fear.

If someone listens to you, this is love.

Listening is not just hearing, it is empathy.

Separation of the people in the world happens because people aren’t listening to one another.


When no one listens to you they have devalued you.

Now please listen to me.

You are the most important, valuable person, and have always been and those who do not see this are losing love, peace of mind and happiness.

Don’t worry about those who do not listen to you, they have their own demons; instead go for all those who do listen to you.

Those people who do listen to you will emanate a feeling of flow, ease, and being in the zone.

People are listening to you. You may not have met them yet, but with absolute certainty they are there.

When you stop concentrating on those who do not love you then you will, by the law of attraction, meet those who do.

Please take your time with this, because you are learning how to value yourself again.

I’ve heard every word you said.

And the words are:

“I am a child of the infinite, so I am infinitely important and deserve to be listened to and loved.”

You may never have said these words exactly, but I know your inner self said something very similar, as we are children of the universal Love that some call God and that lies within each and every one of us.

Get back to being the Lord of your life and love living it.

I’ve heard you, I’ve listened to you. Have you heard and listened to me?

Unconditional Love.

Resonate with us

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