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The best information always comes from within. Inspiration, intuition, flow, being in the zone.

When one loses egotism and just let’s go the higher self, or your higher being, works through you effortlessly.

Many great musicians, authors, artists and athletes understand this zone.

Absolute brilliance that can surprise and delight oneself comes from this Divine flow within, which expresses itself seamlessly into the reality you experience.

Channelling oneself is an innate ability we all have, though in some people it needs to be cultivated by looking within more and more.

The best answers to life can be had by looking within and acting on the blissful inspirations that prompt you.

Channelling oneself is coming home to oneself and returning to the origin of one’s being.

Then there is what I call corporate channelling – channelling that which is not you and which may include spirit guides, angels and demons disguised as the dearly departed, and so forth. This is clearly dangerous as it opens you up to corruption and falsehoods.

Channelling should expand your self empowerment; it should help you love yourself more and expand your empathy of the worlds that you help create.

When one tries to logically contrive any endeavour it is always difficult. It becomes hard work and blocks flow.

The best works are effortless, easy, and blissful.

Channelling yourself is a rewarding experience and allows for you to truly be you, as it removes outside influences from your world whilst you are channelling.

It’s a great form of meditation and focus and absolutely liberates you from the constraints of the egotistical, logical mind.

Truth is always found within you, and us all.

By channelling yourself you are channelling the truth of you.

You are the Lord of Self and you should trust yourself more…

So much more.

Image used for this article is composed using various images:
Photo by Daian Gan, Janson K and Jessica Lewis from Pexels.

Resonate with us

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