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Resonate with us

When a heart is truly broken…

When a soul is fragmented…

When life has lost it’s meaning…

When a loved one dies.

The pain of grief is destructive and unavoidable to all.

We live on a planet that dies and dies and dies…

Grief will happen to us all.

Sympathy doesn’t help alleviate grief. Ritual, as in a funeral, doesn’t alleviate grief. Not even God alleviates grief.

Grief can tear one apart and everyone around the grieving person.

Grief is very, very destructive.

But grief is temporary; it doesn’t last. It can’t and because of our limited life spans, it’ll be over for all of us one day. But it’s not over yet, and until then we must find a way to live again.

The loving truth is always the best answer because it offers hope, purpose and tranquillity, when it is understood.

You see, nothing can ever die, nothing ever has. What has died is the illusion of the physical, which is always perceived through the awareness of our physical constructs, our human bodies.

All is consciousness. Consciousness is the spiritual; in other words, we can’t perceive it physically.

We only have our five senses, do we not? Can we perceive beyond that? Not unless one has a sixth sense or more, and some people do.

Nothing real can die! Consciousness is real, awareness is real, but the physical body is transitory – it is an idea of the soul mind.

The author of this work will die in illusion one day, but he is eternal in the real consciousness of All That Is.

When you dream at night, where is your body?

Dreams seems real, don’t they?

Consciousness is the only thing that is real.

Everyone is born from consciousness; we are all children of it. Consciousness can’t die, but too often religions and authorities put God outside of us. This is not true. You are your own consciousness and that consciousness is eternal.

Your consciousness will experience infinite journeys, yet consciousness is always expanding and changing; it is always evolving and within that, old ideas make way for the new. Some will call this death.

Nothing dies. Consciousness transmutes from one form to another. This is nature’s cycle of life.

Permanence comes from truth, and within truth there is a reality that never transmutes.

Some will call this, as an analogy, the Garden of Eden.

You will know this permanence someday. It is your birthright to know the truth of you and your loved ones.

Suffering of all kinds will be alleviated from you and yours when you can guide your mind, truthfully and lovingly, to the real essence of you and yours.

Love will always reunite, it always does. It doesn’t seem that way sometimes, but that sometimes doesn’t last.

You and yours are eternal and have always been, and in this tragedy we call life there is an answer. That answer lies within you, and your truth of the divinity of you.

Live your life in blissful truth as yes, indeed, you shall overcome someday and return to your true home where all your loved ones have returned back to you.

I recognise the God in you.

See the God within you.

You are coming home.

Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels

Resonate with us

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