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Resonate with us

There is only one destiny for all of us.

There are many different paths to this destiny.


No matter which path one takes, no matter how hard the journey, no matter the tears, the sadness, the brokenness of life itself, in the end destiny’s will, will be done.

Life always reflects your understanding of it, and it can do no more.

You see, like a child seeking approval, life only makes sense when you know where to get that approval from.

Outside of ourselves there are so many gods, so many, but which gods will approve of you and how do you get these gods to approve of you?

We search our whole lives for meaning, but the more we search the less meaning there is.

Who, out there, will justify our existence? Who?

Does anyone truly love us?

Sometimes one can feel so alone, just so alone.

Destiny is waiting; it’s beckoning, it’s hearkening unto thee.

When one can love another to the highest that they can love themselves, then destiny is smiling.

You see, that “another” is you; they are the reflection of you.

Do you see, how can we receive love unless we are love?

The loneliness goes, the sadness goes, the journey is concluding, our destiny is being fulfilled.

The God within you gave you a job to do, and that job was to do as a God would do. What would a God do?

It would simply be this:

Unconditional Love.

Now your Destiny is complete.

Photo by Vincentiu Solomon and Mojtaba Hoseini on Unsplash

Resonate with us

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