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Go the opposite way

Go the opposite way
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Does life get you down? Is it difficult to find happiness in your world?

Well, we can understand your plight. We’ve all been there.

Some people believe there is honour in suffering or difficulties, some religions are based upon this idea. Yet, if you are suffering where is the honour in that? How does this help a world? How does it help you or me?

Is there anyone who can ever bestow upon you happiness?

Let’s think this through.

If suffering is dishonourable and no one can bestow happiness upon you, then what should we do?

The reality of this world, when you get to the absolute physics of creation, is that we are all consciousness, focusing our awareness on this thing we call life.

This is the key to it all.

How we focus.

You see, you are living your life based upon how you receive and perceive information.

Where do you put your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings, your perceptions, your being?

If it’s all blissful then you have mastered focus, but what if it’s not?

Perhaps you need to make some changes and stop looking at what you’ve been looking at.

Information can’t change if you keep looking at the same information.

Your world changes when you change the information that you perceive and hence change the emotions of your perception.

So instead of watching the news, go to a comedy; instead of worrying about the bills you can’t pay, study what it’s like to be rich. Instead of worrying about your relationships, study relationships that do work; instead of worrying about sickness or death, study life instead.

You won’t get anywhere in bliss if you study the fear.

You have the power of free will to go the opposite way of fear, and this power can be cultivated in you.

It takes work to form a different habit, but guess what?

You are so worth it!

Go on, be the change you wish to see.

Photo modified from original by Phil Hearing on Unsplash

Resonate with us

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