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Love resonance

Love resonance
Resonate with us

Something beautiful happened today – yes, it did; something magical, something joyous, something divine.

You are reading these words, yet these words are all about you.

Words can’t describe that which is beyond description.

There is a divine spark within you that radiates your warmth and beauty every time you laugh, sing and dance, and smile your special smile that only you can ever have.

You know deep down inside that you came from a special place, a place of love, a place of serenity, a place of peace.

That place of unconditional love chose you to express your life and share with others your divine being-ness.

This world has a huge secret, a massive secret, and this secret keeps you hidden from yourself.

Who are you? What are you? Why are you?

The rulers of this world know the secret and are very scared if you ever uncover this secret.

What is this secret?

That you and God are one, limited only by your expression in human form.

Never, ever forget that the God within you chose you – yes, you – to bring the world your happiness, your love and your joy.

Worship the God within you, worship the God within others, and let this secret be a secret no more.

Unconditional Love – you were borne from it and you, when you expose the secret, will know that your unveiled self is perfectly:

Unconditional Love. Have an amazing, wonderful day!

Photo used composed from various images: Jude Beck and DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

This article appears in the third edition of Expose Magazine

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Resonate with us

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