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Dogs should rule the world

dogs should rule the world
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We can prove that loving dogs are smarter and more civilised than most humans; therefore, dogs should rule planet Earth.

Firstly, dogs are only interested in their own territory and will protect their territory with a “Grrr!” or worse. Dogs aren’t interested in other dogs’ territories – just their own.

A dog would never become a globalist because it’s too busy minding its own turf.

A dog knows about private property rights. “This is my turf, so grrr!”

Every dog knows private property law.

There is no such thing as a self-proclaimed dictator dog that will try to take over an entire land mass claiming it to be its own, then passing laws over the entire land mass and getting every other dog to obey its laws.

A dog looks after its own property, its own territory.

The dog understands, in dog terms, inalienable rights.

The dog knows the truth of its being; it’s a dog, not a globalist dictator.

Already from what’s just been stated, the world would be better off if dogs ran the show.

I’m not joking!

Dogs love to socialise so social distancing wouldn’t work for them, and I can’t see a dog sanitising itself or putting on a face mask because dogs don’t watch the news!

Dogs love food, so they wouldn’t close down the dog food restaurants and ruin the dog economy over a hearsay bug!

Dogs try to be happy, loving and loyal, so their immune systems work fine unless screwed over by alien humans.

So we know the rules of dog: don’t invade their territory and let them live in peace.

Simple rules; no secret societies, no military secrets, no hidden globalist agendas, no taxes – all is simple.

A sick dog knows to stay away from the healthy dogs. Nature has its checks and balances.

Dogs do not create dog political parties, dog religions, dog corporations, or dog governments, unless it’s over their own territory!

It’s called the mentality of the dog pack.

Humans are meant to be smarter and more civilised than dogs but, sadly, the dog’s lack of inherent bullshit makes them smarter and more civilised than most humans.

Dogs don’t live in bullshit, they are not liars. Humans are!

A dog lives in the truth of their being-ness. If humans would do the same, then and only then will sanity return, and then and only then can we claim that we are smarter than dogs.

If dogs ruled the planet, at least then private property law would be honoured again – the right to own land, the right to own ourselves, and the right to make laws over our own land and not the land owned by another.

Our inalienable rights include the right to live in bliss and freedom, whilst respecting everybody else’s same right to live in bliss and freedom.

But humans will police each other and dob each other in for their god, the media. Stupido! Remind you of Nazi times?

So until I say otherwise, this author believes that the world would be better off if dogs ran the show!

Why? ‘Coz dogs mind their own business!

Woof, woof…

Photo by John Salzarulo on Unsplash

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