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God in the mirror

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Hey, you.


I have an idea. I always get ideas. I usually like my ideas, but not always. I like this one.

Take a look in the mirror. What do you see?

You see you.

But are you really seeing you?

You see a reflection of you.

But the reflection is not you, it’s just a reflection.

Does the reflection smile? Is the reflection sad? Is the reflection confident?

You have the power to change the reflection, yes you do.

But you have to know you have power, there’s the secret.

Do you know that God works through you and experiences Itself through you, and that God’s experience is your experience?

God sees Itself in the mirror, through you!

All is consciousness, after all.

So what are you telling your God self to reflect?

When you see yourself blissfully in the mirror, then what does the world see in you?

This is what changes a world and it’s the only thing that can.

Your reflection of bliss changes the reflections of your world.

Imagine if we all did that.

You are a child of the infinite.

Reflect that.

This article appears in the second edition of Expose Magazine

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash



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Resonate with us

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