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Enough stupid already

Resonate with us

Thoughts become things.

If the above is true, then where are we putting our thoughts?

They are becoming the world we live in.

Our thoughts are causative, and the effects are the experiences of our reality creation.

What came first: the thought, the perception, or the effect?

If all is effect first, then there is no God and that would be the realm of atheism. Corporations, governments, authorities and most religions rule the world of effects.

If all is effect and you are governed by effect, then effectively you are a robot, a slave to the random, fearful world of effects.

Understanding this true law of cause and effect, then, wouldn’t it follow that all evil began in thought first?

If God is the first cause of all things, and if God is governed by the thoughts and meditations of mankind, then why is mankind so stupid?

To change a world we must change our thoughts, feelings and directions and we must do so collectively.

Or do we let the authorities manage our minds for us?

It is all stupid to let stupid rule our lives.

We are the Lords of our own being, our own thoughts, our own reality. We must take responsibility for the way we think, feel and act.

Or do we deny all responsibility and allow Satan to handle our affairs? Just look at the world’s condition.

If you love politicians, authorities, or most religions, then you do not love yourself or the inalienable God within you.

Stop making excuses for the absolute corruption out there by focusing your attention on evil and the spreading of evil, like a virus that is out of control.

Where should your mind be?

Perhaps peace, love and joy?

What if we collectively tried that?

We can all be atheists and let events control us, or we can practice our Lordship and direct the God within to bliss, for ourselves and for all.

Enough stupid already. God is not outside of you, that’s the satanic realms.

God is within your thoughts, feelings, inspirations and intuitions.

You and God are one, and yes you are limited by your humanness but let that be your only limitation.

Never let evil be your limitation.

Let’s stop stupid, let’s use critical thinking and let’s take back our inalienable rights to be:

The Lord of Self.

The Lord causes God to create a blissful effect, and that is as it should be.

Photo composed by various images Justyn Warner and Ria Alfana on Unsplash, Daian Gan, Janson K and Jessica Lewis from Pexels.

Resonate with us

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