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God’s full backing

Resonate with us

I am writing this for anyone that is broken either spiritually or physically for now. Hope this helps.

I am Kai and I suffer deeply.

My body is broken, my spine disfigured, my body disfigured, my ear badly infected since childhood, my teeth all gone, my hair balding, eye sight failing and always tired, so tired…

I am broken as a human, badly broken.

I smoke too much, drink way too much coffee, I am slowly dying…

I am way too stressed in a world gone absolutely mad and insane.

I’ve fought my battles against corruption and I will continue to do so to my dying day.

I am a true warrior even if it kills me.

But the above story can, and must, change.

For what is true today does not have to be true tomorrow.

I fight for truth, justice and freedom for all, and what is this truth?

You are God’s child; God is within you and you within God.

You do own yourself.

So enough about my sufferings and ambitions, let’s get on with why I am saved and why you are saved.

My health will get better, I do have loving support of a family and some of the best knowledge on the planet to definitely get better and restore that which is broken in me.

We have God’s full backing.

We have the absolute power of the Almighty itself and we call upon this truth daily.

This power we have, you have also!

God is within us all!

Truth knows that the body is built from consciousness, truth knows that the memory of water remembers the diseases of the body, truth knows that to alter the memory of water is to allow the body to heal.

The planet is also a body; it is diseased, but truth knows that the planet can be healed.

Truth has all the answers and attracts the best answers on this planet because not everyone is driven by profit or agenda. Sometimes the truth sits there silently, waiting for you to recognise it.

You have God’s full backing when you understand that you are fully a child of God and not a child of corporation.

God has our back, this is why we are so courageous and brave.

God has your back, and you are also more courageous than you know.

God has our back.

God has your back.

Return to the truth of who you actually are:

A child of God.

And God will always have your back.

Trust this! We do.

Photo by Thiago Matos from Pexels

A little more about me.

Resonate with us

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