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The Happiness virus!

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There is a very real and imminent threat to mankind as we know it. The time is at hand to be made aware of this threat, as it effects you and me and the whole world.

This Happiness virus is insidious; it’s very unexpected and extremely contagious!

Scientists and authorities worldwide are trying to stop this virus by social-distancing, the use of face masks, and fear.

Yet this virus breaks through even all of that!

It’s the worst virus ever!

Billions, if not trillions, of dollars have been thrown into this project against this virus. Corporations of all kinds are assisting the authorities to help stop this virus.

Thankfully, our benevolent authorities own the media and can mind control us in many ways to help ensure that we will comply with them and fight this virus.

We should all comply with the authorities in this very real time of doom and gloom.

We should police each other to stop the spread of this contagious Happiness virus! This is called peer pressure, culture and conformity.

Some people have already caught this virus – they should be quarantined immediately!

They are smiling, happy, healthy, hugging each other and never watch the news or get affected by it!

How irresponsible! The world needs to stop this Happiness virus now!

Happiness boosts the immune system naturally, yet this is irresponsible; we need government vaccines for that!

Only the government, the authorities, and the media have all the answers for you! Please comply with their demands!

Together we can fight this virus by social isolation and being as miserable as we can be, by becoming more scared and complying with the movie script the governments have provided for us. It’s for our own good!

Happiness is irresponsible, health is irresponsible, and God’s children hugging God’s children is a crime against the true authority: Satan himself!

So let’s help our authorities brainwash us some more so we can stop the virus.

Watch more news, shield yourself against others, and sanitise, sanitise, sanitise!!!

The Happiness virus can be stopped by working together so that the corporations will have total control of us, since they are there to protect us!

So do conform, never ask questions, be a good sheeple, and then maybe, just maybe, we can stop this evil called Happiness.

Together we can fight the virus of Happiness and become totally miserable sods for the benefit of our benefactors, or our owners, the satanic corporations.

We hope this public service announcement will help stop Happiness at all costs.

Together by being losers we win for our God: the corporations that rule over us.

We thank-you for your time.

Let’s stop the Happiness virus together!

Photo changed from original by Denis Agati on Unsplash

Resonate with us

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