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Resonate with us

The planet is dying, and within this dying planet can be heard the cries and pleas of all those who are trying to save their world, yet it is still dying.

Everything is disintegrating into its native nothingness. There is nothing left to bind it together.

The planet is becoming nothingness.

Grey, greyer, black, blacker,dim, dimmer; the lights are fading and the dying moans of the world’s inhabitants are begging, begging, begging for grace.

Many orbs of light are leaving this dying planet, and as these orbs of light depart, they leave behind a forgotten planet, the planet of the damned.

Within this mass exodus of souls, no love is left to maintain what was once our planet.

The void that was once a planet is depressing, sad, and lonely, yet the void wishes to be just that.

The orbs of light beckon, “Follow, follow, follow. There is eternal life, but not in Satan’s realm anymore. You must recognise  unconditional love, and that we are all one.”

Yet the damned, being damned, never heed the words of truth as the lies and deceptions that they had lived by was the only home they ever knew.

The sounds of the damned grow louder, their agonising voices, their torment, the hell, the screams… yet as the cacophony of sounds permeate the void there are no orbs of light to hear or experience the fate of the damned.

The orbs of light have returned home.

The Garden of Eden is the place of unconditional love, where all who call it home respect the Lord within each and every being who resides there.

Right now, we can live in peace. Right now we have our will, right now we have eternal life under the only law: the Law of Truth or Bliss, as truth is bliss.

The memory of the old earth is no more, and the only ones who remember it are those who are in the void for eternity – until they remember that home is where truth is.

The old earth is dying, but a new world awaits you and your loved ones in the eternal now of bliss.

Your Garden of Eden is now in a state of becoming.

To borrow the words of a cover sung by Bruce Springsteen: We Shall Overcome Someday.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Resonate with us

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