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The garden of bliss

Resonate with us

Imagine us – yes, you and me and everyone around you – living in a community of absolute Bliss.

Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

Well it’s not, but it will take work.

So let’s build a brand new world.

This world will need a code to live by, but it’s very simple.

Live in Bliss, and let live in Bliss.

Simple, isn’t it?

Our current world is: Live in Fear, and let live in Fear.

There are too many examples of that in our day to day lives, don’t you think?

So what needs to change for us to create the Garden of Bliss?

People uniting as one in Bliss, rather than the separation energies of competition, money, selfishness, opinions, rights and wrongs, ridiculous corporate laws, negative biased media, debt, obligations to corporations that don’t give a damn about you, hidden Satanic agendas and so forth – you get the picture.

Now, imagine this:

I am a blissful person.

You are a blissful person.

We are blissful people.

Now there is room for the truth and the truly miraculous.

Together we are strong, powerful, and united, but only under the Law of Bliss.

United we truly do stand, not under some corporate/government fear control but united in the idea that it’s okay to live in Bliss.

Let’s work together and take back the truth that it’s okay to be:







We are building a community of Bliss. Do you wish to help us expand this idea?

What ideas do you have for a Blissful world?

What changes would you like to see?

Image the Garden of Bliss…

Contact Us. We always love Blissful ideas that create harmony and tranquillity.

Photo by Tom Swinnen from Pexels

Resonate with us

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