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Vanity loves reward

vanity loves reward
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People with the disease called β€œVanity” love to be rewarded by others, in their recognition of how brilliant and successful they are, or how much of a victim they are and how much suffering they have to endure.

Since I, the esteemed, important person, am such a nice guy, I would like to reward vanity with a kick up the ass for all the vain people out there, but since it’s so hard for me to kick my own royal butt, I may need that kick from somebody, too!

Most of us suffer from the disease of vanity from time to time, but to make it a career choice?! And to be the perpetual bitch for ever?

Wake up!

Vanity is seeking the approval of others; it is essentially manipulating others to your way of thinking.

We at SpiritBeing.Life are just ordinary people, just like everybody else; we are nothing special, really. We just do what we do. We love humility because it’s a safe place to be; it feels like home.

Humility is always greater than vanity, as it seeks its reward from within self and not others.

Obviously we don’t always get it right. We are just human after all, but how about we all make it a career choice to be impressive to self only and not others? The world would be such a nicer place then!

Spiritual, humble people raise themselves up to the highest level of being, that being truly loving what they do, the actions they take, and the way they think and feel. They are real people who are proud of the God-self within. Vanity to such people is Satan’s dis-ease, which belongs to Satan and not them.

Vanity will never be rewarded by humility. You see, humility is not vain enough to recognise vanity for anything more than what it is; in other words, vanity is Bull-Shit! A vain imagining,

So let all the vain-sters hang with the vain-sters. I know, let’s have a vanity party! That way we can all bullshit one another, yeah!

So when we all grow up and stop trying to impress one another with our insecurities, we might actually create a better world.

Stop the guilt games, the ‘better-thans’, the ‘lesser-thans’, the award seeking, the competitiveness, the victim show, the advertising of self, the fame, the me, me, ME! The lies, the put downs, the gossip, the back-stabbing… Common dogs behave better than this!


Let’s try humility instead.

I am great because I have a God-self; you are great because you have a God-self.

Together, united, we are so much greater than when we stand alone.

United in humility we stand, divided in vanity we fall.

Photos by Alexander Krivitskiy and Lance Grandahl on Unsplash 

Resonate with us

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