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Fear or Love

Resonate with us

Fear means you are influenced by events outside of your control.

Love means you are in the affluence of inner control.

Fear means you can be mind controlled.

Love means you can control your own mind.

Fear means you are owned by a separate power.

Love means you are the power.

Fear obeys that which is fearful.

Love obeys that which is blissful.

Fear creates external governments.

Love creates governing within.

Fear creates separation.

Love creates unity.

Fear lives in lies.

Love lives in truth.

Fear creates destruction.

Love creates construction.

Fear follows media.

Love is blissful media.

Fear is to be in doubt.

Love is to be in certainty.

Fear steals.

Love shares.

Fear: you are

Love: I Am

Photo used for this article is composed by two images: Melanie Wasser and Jamie Street on Unsplash.

Resonate with us

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