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When life is broken, so broken, there seems to be only one way out.

Ending life itself.

But how does anyone know that misery ends when physical human life has ended?

Could it be that we transition from one hell to another?

If you have no power to be blissful whilst you’re alive, what makes you think that there is no life after death or that life will be better in the afterlife?

Only in absolute truth, which has its being within you, can you ever make the right decision, for a decision born of pain may be completely in error.

Forget all you have ever been taught in life, forget all your experiences, forget all the information out there, as what is out there is mostly a lie and what little truth is out there is hidden by the lies.

Only you will ever know your own experience, only you can truly ever know.

The only way to stop pain and suffering is to know exactly who you are.

Forget gods, religions, ideas, opinions, media, life, the narrative, forget all these things as they are born from information outside of you and what is outside of you is mostly in error.

Go to that neutral place of critical thinking and study yourself as if you were a scientist rather than a victim.

What do you really want?

It’s bliss and happiness.

How do you really know that you will get what you want by dying unto this world?

All is consciousness and you are vaguely aware of this every time you think, feel and experience life.

You can’t kill consciousness because you were borne from it.

What is true? When you find that out, then and only then will your decisions be wise.

It’s best to make a decision borne of absolute truth rather than a decision borne of hurt.

The truth is always with you and not with another.

Find your truth.

It’s within you to do so.

In truth there is bliss.

In the end truth is your best friend. Find your friend.


All of us at sbl are wishing you the absolute truth and for that truth to find you.

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell on Unsplash

Resonate with us

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