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Wet drumstick chicken

Wet drumstick chicken
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“Wet drumstick chicken!”

Quoting my six year old daughter Savvy when she spontaneously exclaimed, “Wet drumstick chicken!” while we were discussing the dangers of a particular online Guru and his massive influence in persuading his followers over to thinking he his God and that he is an expert on Covid 19.

This man is particularly dangerous, and has a political influence no man should have.

His crimes are too numerous to mention but his followers do not do background checks or use critical thinking. Many think he is God himself.

So we were discussing how we can stop this guy, and Savvy’s answer was: “Wet drumstick chicken!”

You had to be there, but it was as funny as heck and it broke my angers-at-the-world mood I was in.

We even started to develop a rock tune out of “Wet drumstick chicken”.

So I told her that she should put on a three-piece suit, wear a tie and rule the world as she would make more sense than the Satanic rulers we have in our world at the moment.

Savvy’s world: unicorns, rainbows, happiness and laughter.

Our children see the world as stupid at the moment and they would be correct. Even though the world is stupid this house, during the Hollywood script of a virus, is having fun. We are all too busy and are planning a life of absolute bliss.

So, if the Guru is a “wet drumstick chicken” then I think the world is saved. My own daughter can see through his absolute bullshit.

Bullshit does have a use-by date, though.

So if the world is too stupid for you then just follow my daughter’s advice: Wet drumstick chicken!

Photo by Denise Jans, Anastasia Taioglou and Max Kleinen on Unsplash

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