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God made simple

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Consciousness. All is consciousness. Then there is the:

Awareness of consciousness.

The only way to perceive anything physical is via consciousness and the awareness of that consciousness through our soul mind.

Simple, really.

Now, God is omnipotent, God is omnipresent, God is omniscient, so:

God, as divine consciousness, is all these descriptions plus that which is also beyond description.

So God can not truly be defined, only some of Its effects, through you and us, can be described.

If God could be defined, then we would have limited God, have we not?

So how does this unlimited, divine consciousness work?

Through you!

God experiences itself through you, as God can only know itself through you!

You are the awareness of God Itself, as are all of us.

This makes you the Lord of Self, or that which God experiences Itself via your choices, your free will, your perceptions of how God should manifest Itself within your life and the lives of others.

Simple, really.

God has no plan for you because you are the plan!

God would limit Itself and you if It had a plan!

As free-will beings, God can’t run a limitation on you! Or on your imagination, creativity, choices or individuality!

God made you Lord to then tell It what to do!

There can be no other way.

God can only hear you in Bliss.

The opposite, which is Satan, an artificial creation, can only hear you in fear!

Simple, really.

Now, connect the dots…

God never imposes Its will but the artificial creation, Satan, does, and Satan has a plan, God does not!

All is God. God works through you, but Satan works through vain imaginings and effectively has zero power in Bliss.

Use your power of being the Lord of Self to guide God to Bliss for yourself and others.

Together, united as Lords, we can overcome the vain imaginings of this artificial creation we call Satan.

Simple, really.

Let’s try this simple analogy. Imagine God as an infinite amount of children’s plastic building blocks. The blocks can’t do anything on their own as they are all things; in other words, they can’t be defined.

Along comes the child and plays with the blocks, creating things, destroying things and defining God in the moment, where all things are possible in the child’s mind.

The child is the Lord of the blocks.

Thine (the child’s) will be done, and then thy (God’s) will be done.

Simple, really.

Photo by Rick Mason on Unsplash

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Resonate with us

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