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The kingdom of Bull-Shit is within

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If I, the esteemed author, or the long suffering author, judge others with my opinions, ideologies, vanities and fears without looking at the giant log in mine own eye, then I am in mine own kingdom of ultimate BS!

We were all born into bullshit; some will say we were all born into sin, but whatever – the planet was BS long before we even got here.

I, as a child, was brought up in absolute bullshit.

Violence, wars, six o’clock news, horror Hollywood, royalty and politicians, corporations and gods, sickness and disease, poverty and the upper classes, taxes, slavery, religions, duties and obligations, and so forth, la di dah… ad infinitum…

All bullshit!

If you believe any of the bullshit, then you condone and consent to the bullshit, and that is the real bullshit within!

Have we had enough bullshit already?

Let’s imagine a bullshit free planet. That would make a nice change, wouldn’t it?

So how do we get rid of all this bullshit?

How about something simple called “truth”.

Ah… my long lost friend “truth”.

Fresh air… I smell roses, doves are flying in the sky, and the sun kisses the earth with its rays. Excellent!

Yet I still smell bullshit!

Toxic air. I smell chemicals, mosquitoes are flying in the sky, and the sun forces its rays through all the chem-trails…

Now, instead of kissing our own bullshit and the bullshit of others, how about we get real?

We have work to do, and that work is to clean up all that bullshit in ourselves and expose all the bullshit that has been forced upon us by others (Satan’s authorities).

I say cut the crap, cut the bullshit, let’s stop smelling each other’s asses with diplomacy and political correctness and let’s get back to the God-damned truth!

I can’t be polite with bullshit…

Can you?

Photo by Hans Eiskonen on Unsplash

Resonate with us

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