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Christmas in March

Resonate with us

It’s that time of year again, when all of us are thinking of our loved ones, our families, and our friends.

Goodwill to all and peace on earth.

We sing songs of praise, and rejoice in the fellowship of man.

It’s an important time, Christmas, whether we believe in God, Christ or not, matters not; I guess we all like to believe in unconditional love for the planet and ourselves.

If we believe in unconditional love, then that’s the only belief we need to have.

As I’m whistling the tune to Deck the Halls, my editor walks in…

All whistling stops.

“Stop! It’s not Christmas time, you moronic Author! Check your calendar! It’s March!!! I’m not editing your misguided foolery!!! Stop wasting my valuable time and get a grip!”

Oops. Sheepishly I bow my head, crawl into my hole and try to win back the approval of my editor, somehow, someway.

Maybe I can save my article?

Let’s see if I can save it with some artistic, creative license.

So I got it wrong – it’s not Christmas time. It’s March. Now in March, we don’t have to worry about peace on earth and goodwill to all. We can even forget about unconditional love.

In March, we can all be self-centred again as the time for niceness, Christmas-time, is over – gone, done and dusted.

Yep, back to being stressed, worried, judgemental, and seeing the world for the piece of crap it really is.

I come home after a hard day’s 9 to 5 from my slave duties at work after I’ve paid the government its extortion fees. I kick the dog, yell at the kids and scream at the wife for a beer.

“Beer, honey!”

I slump into my couch, turn on the television and watch the six o’clock news. Yay, more reasons to be a miserable sod.

The six o’clock news depresses me, so I yell at wifey for another beer. “Beer, honey!”

The day’s been rough and it’s not getting much better, so I watch a movie from Hollywood. They make good movies. The movie is called Aliens From Planet Zod and Their Chainsaws.

Don’t know why I don’t feel happy. Not my fault, it’s been a rough day.

“Beer, honey!”

I fall asleep on the couch. I’m a hard worker, I need my sleep.

Wifey will have to sleep on her own tonight.

Then I dream…

The ghost of Christmas Spirit enters my dreams and I hear this angelic voice. It says: “Unconditional love can’t exist only at Christmas time, otherwise it is conditional and that is no love at all.

“Every day, live in unconditional love as that is all that is eternal.

“Every day, it’s as if the saviour is born, every day.

“That saviour is within you, within your unconditional love.

“You are here for a reason, and that reason is to be that unconditionally loving you. Stop living in hurt and pain, as you will only share that with others, but rather live in your happiness and share that.

“Live your life your way, but only in Bliss, and you will find your Bliss is unconditional love.”

Then the angel is gone.

It is morning and time for work, but something is different.

Our dog Waggy comes in and I give it the biggest hug. I love Waggy!

My kids are making annoying kid noises, so I stop them with an, “I love you both so much!”

Then my wife walks into the room, so I kiss her and cry, “I love you!”

Something has changed, something has shifted.

I don’t go to work that day. Perhaps work isn’t my life’s path. I’ll figure it out, but for now I need to spend time with family.

Christmas in March, but also in every moment, in every day and in all ways.

Thank you, Christmas angel, whoever you are.

Photo by from Pexels

Resonate with us

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